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About Me

I have worked in the field of mental health for many years, working with children and adolescents who have stuggled with mental and emotional health. I have worked with anxiety, low mood, school refusing, behavioural issues and much more. I also have a background in working with children who have been in the Social Care System who have experienced early life adversity. 

My adult work has included working in a Bereavement Counselling Service, however over the past few years I have concentrated on working with trauma and the impact of this, such as anxiety, depression, eating disorder, OCD and many physical conditions.

Trauma is held in the body, within the nervous system and not only impacts emotional and mental health but it can also have a significant effect on physical functioning leading to a range of illnesses and conditions, there is now widespread evidence to support this.

I generally use EMDR therapy, plus somatic experiencing techniques to help clients put what belongs in the past, in the past, thus helping them live a more functional and even joyful life.

I have a private practice within my home which provides a comfortable space to engage in sessions.


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